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Shoppingqueen's LiveJournal - the personal journal/diary of one who shops

I don't have to justify myself to you

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Interesting Factoids About Me

Word! you are so like reading my journal profile! Well I think my life is pretty boring but people seem to read my pages, and so now have these interesting new facts!

o My name is Daniel, and I am 33 year old gay white male (that's GWM baby!) from in the suburbs of West London, in the UK. My town where I live is called Ealing.

o I used to have really long hair, but cut it all off in the Summer of 2003! I kindda like it, but do regret it :( Everyone else seems to love it!

o People tell me I am funny (haha not insane), kind and too trusting and caring about people!

o I don't currently work or go to college. I have been sick with a illness called M.E or CFS since the 24th January 1996. Part of it as well is that I got very bad anxiety/panic and agoraphobia. In the last two years I have been doing a lot more stuff, but still slowly progressing. I am very happy-go-lucky and I guess just used to my situation! :)

o I write stuff, sometimes people don't agree with me, it's just my own views and opinions, just what I think, I'm not always right. nobody thinks the same. I am just me, I'm liberal and open-minded and pro lots of things.

o Organised religion makes me crazy. I have no judgement on other peoples beliefs but I cannot personally support any organisations that spread hate and judgement. I feel they are just a method of controlling people. My views about this are very recent and I am becoming a lot more sceptical and questioning about everything. I used to say I was a Pagan and still like those beliefs, but these days think of myself as more of a Humanist.

o My ideal car is a VW Camper Van in fabulous colours with flowers painted on it.

o I am against hate, don't dislike anyone before you even get to know them, because of their skin colour, or sex, or who they wanna sleep with or what they do. I find many different people, from different cultures, extremely interesting.

o I have decided that I want to become a make up artist in tv/theatre/films or a special effects make up artist in the future as a career. Not sure if I will change my mind, in the past I have wanted to become a nurse, beautician, horticulturist, carer, web designer, secretary and something to do with computers.

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Anyway love me!

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