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The journey turns sad for some

On Saturday night a friend found details on Facebook about one of our high school mates, which we wondered how they were doing. sadly and very shockingly he was now dead and brutally killed. We were not the closest friends but there were times when he came into my life and wondered how he was. He died in very strange circumstances in Belgrade in 2004 aged 24. His family were Serbian and he was living there at the time. Its a really sad story and horrid ending but even worse his family are still searching for the truth and some UK newspapers and Amnesty have helped on the case but still it does not add up and there is no justice.

There is a website for the campaign to get justice for his family and the truth and that's here:- The Voice of Petar Sutovic Campaign The website has the whole story and a petition to sign to get the British authorities to take action and force Serbia to investigate fully.

I just feel so sad and sorry for his family and hope they get the justice they deserve.
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Wii M8s

I give out my Wii number to various friends but posting it in this post in one place on the internet to save it if you wanna add me as a friend and vice versa

my wii console number is:~ 1196 0042 5563 7297
let me know if you wanna add me, so I can add you back

Mario Kart Wii friends code is:~ 1590-4819-0079

Will do a proper livejournal update post soon I promise xxx
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blue hair

hi my dearies,

Thankyou to everyone who posted birthday greetings and messages for my birthday on the 2nd of May. Next year I'll be 30! *screams* I had a good birthday for once and went out to dinner with my family and best friend drunkgoth I got various fabulous things including books, cds etc but also a wii fit! yey! although strangely my bmi has increased since using it!

Since Friday I have been ill with this flu/virus thing which is really weird. I feel sick and tired and cold with no appetite. But it really affects your mood and mind. I am nearly always really happy go lucky but this thing is making me very introspective and miserable and very tearful. I hope I get over it soon.

I had a really weird dream last night, perhaps it makes your dreams more vivid and lucid. I remember it exactly. I dreamt that I went to a hair dressers in my local shopping centre, and remember exactly where the salon was but it does not exist in reality. I went in and they bleached streaks in my hair and then dyed it dark blue. At the end it looked fabulous and think there was blue streaks and some white. It was a very strange dream because I would not have the confidence to do that in real life!

I do believe in dream interpretation, because I know that when we dream our minds are processing everything that has happened when we were awake, so you're dreams could have unconscious images of your mind trying to tell you something. But I am not sure or agree they are clairvoyant.

Anyway I looked up my strange dream from a variety of online sources and found this out...

from bellaonline:-

Hair Coloring
Changing one's hair color in a dream can symbolize a need to change one's identity or it may represent feelings one has about oneself. Colors in dreams are always significant (we'll discuss colors next week). Dreaming of dyeing your hair a deep black color may suggest feelings of depression. Dyeing it red can indicate feelings of vitality or possible anger. Red is also an important color in alchemy, so dyeing your hair red could also point to some serious, important changes in your thoughts.
Bleaching your hair in a dream can also be another symbol of loss of energy--feeling like the color is being sucked from your life.

from dream moods:-

about dreaming of certain colours...

Blue represents truth, wisdom, heaven, eternity, devotion, tranquillity, loyalty and openness. The presence of this color in your dream, may symbolize your spiritual guide and your optimism of the future. You have clarity of mind. Depending on the context of your dream, the color blue may also be a metaphor of "being blue" and feeling sad 

I totally agree with both those interpretations about my current moods!
things will look up. I hope :)


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Horse Blood on my Hands! (not in the literal sense)

I am not really a fan of sports that involve animals like horse racing or dog racing etc and tend to not watch them or bet on them. I am not a really moralistic person but am quite ethical in my beliefs. But BBC's The One Show has been following a horse called 'McKelvey ' in the run up to one of the most important horse races of the year, The Grand National. He ran last year and was the runner up but was injuried in the race and vets wanted to put him down. The trainer refused and got him back to health to run in this years race. If he was not well enough or in bad health he would not have taken part, but the idea was to follow the story of this horse. They followed his story, with video and a live webcam which had 28,000 views (website here) and he was fit enough to run in the race last Saturday. His betting odds were 28-1 and I decided to bet £2 on him, in a kind of supporting way. (I dont really like betting either really, just never really interested me. I sometimes bet on tv shows but not really sports).

So the Grand National goes on which is a tough race and sadly McKelveyinjured throwdon'ts his rider and jumps the next jump riderless and then runs into a barrier. He has to be put down. He was the only horse that died (which is much better than say races a decade ago).

I feel really sick and furious with myself that I went against my own ethics and bet on a horse race there by morally supporting it.

It was sort of the worst and most shocking thing that could happen really to the whole human interest story of the horse. Some media outlets are saying this publicly shows up the whole of horse racing but other sources say that it shows how safe and well looked after the horses are.

I won't be supporting horse racing again

The Times have a story about the whole saga here
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the olympic torch in London - its just embarrassing!

The Olympic Torch going through London today is hilarious! I am so glad people are protesting and have the right to protest! On the live news footage of its journey people keep getting arrested and pulled out of the way and there is banners and attempted torch snatches and crowds shouting. Its brilliant! I love a good protest.

Just saw the prime minister greet it in the protected and closed off Downing Street and you could still hear crowds shouting "shame on you" 

If I had better health I would be there to protest too. The olympic association made a decision which was controversial and now have to live with that decision. I cant even feel sympathy for the people running with the flame, they choose to accept that role!
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Tennis Stud

Hope you are doing fabulously!

I have two main resolutions for 2008 and they are basically:-

  • lose weight

  • get a man!

I hope to do both before 2009!

In other news my mother loves tennis and watches all the championships on the tv almost constantly. I find it boring, but the men hunky!
Novak Đoković is sexy but I think 22 year old French player Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is the hottest hunk for ages!
Hope he wins the final!

Here is two photos of him looking hunky.....

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga shirtless

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
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Happy New Year! (I remember yesterday...)

I have not updated my livejournal since the 18th July which is bad and also evil, I shall be better in 2008!

My life has been a bit insane because a dear friend of mine fell ill in June and in July was diagnosed with Lung Cancer (ironic since she didnt smoke, but did have breast cancer in the 80's). She had a really bad cancer and was dead on the 7th Dec. It was really sad and she was only 58 years old and was quite an inspiration in my life. Her funeral was on the 21st Dec and it was packed with so many people and she did so many different things in life! She was truly altruistic and in the past had taught and done all kinds of things and travelled everyplace in the world. She got very interested in complementary medicines and practiced in a lot of them and helped me over years. She started treating me in 1997 and mainly did homeopathy and reflexology. At her funeral there was Doctors and all sorts of people who knew her and she must have been so busy doing so much every week! I do feel she was a very important figure in my life and taught me many things about life that I will always keep with me.  She was incredibly open minded and would not judge anything without trying it first and always looked at different views on things and not just take one view. I feel sad she has gone, but life goes on and losing someone becomes less raw. I feel for her family :(

I seem to be losing more and more people I know or my family knows to cancer, its getting quite scary!

2007 was a bad year for me really I think and my health was a bit crappy during the summer.
I am hoping 2008 will be better and great for everyone! :)

Post in memory of Val Southorn RIP

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the fear of everyone knowing

in some ways I am fucked up in the head, as everyone probably already knows lol. I have a fear of everyone finding out I am gay and its almost irrational. eg my brother and friends know I am gay. My parents do not although they probably do but I have never formally come out to them. The internet knows I am gay. I have always been open and honest on it about everything. But here is the weird thing I don't want people from my high school finding out. I have this fear of them all knowing and spreading it around. Its stupid because I left the school in 1995 and they don't meet up as a high school anymore and they probably don't even care!

When I was in high school no one was gay or came out openly but people tell me in college and university people become more open and individual, but in high school everyone tries to be the same and not be individual (generally).

If you take examples like my friends reunited profile. I do not say my sexuality, and I do not link my homepage or anything else on the net. There is just this fear! I have told old friends and some people who have contacted me I am gay and they have never cared.

This all comes to a head with face book, which links your high school with your profile. I have entered my school on my livejournal and myspace in the last year, but on face book I can see people I knew from school also linked on it.

I just cant be arsed to hide being gay and all my details on it. If someone reads it and spreads it around, oh well!
I just hope I don't live to regret it you know?