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Dr Bush Jr

When I was going off to sleepy time last night at 2/3am AGAIN. I am so evil/ I have a fatigue illness grrr! I suppose I don't really do anything. Anyway my favorite president in the known world, Le Bush. (I was not channel flicking looking for p0rn damn you!), and ironically CNN and Sky News had his lovely speech on live, but BBC News just ignored it and mentioned it later lol.

The speech was on "stem-cell's" etc, it was sooo horrific! I have this horrid nightmare, that like these poor Americans switch on their TV's everyday and on every channel is Bush saying "todays thought of the day, is that everyone will corporate with me. EVERYONE WILL COPORORATE WITH ME".

Anyway I just had this hilarious thought at 3am. You just know that 8 hours before the live tv appearance from 'the ranch, TX', they were trying to teach him. "This is called a embryo", then 30 mins before the broadcast. fuck it, just read the autocue George lol!

Apparently it has been legal to research into how we came into being, here in the UK for years, so what ever Bush says, Dr's will just leave the country to do vital research.

So the 3 things I have learned from him today are....

1/ He does look like a chimp, just like the Bush/Chimp photo comparison website says.
2/ The entire cast of the West Wing would be so much better in govt. Martin Sheen would make such a better president.
3/ NO STYLIST in the world would ever let a president on TV with eyebrows like that! God he needs waxing/plucking! They are totally misshapen! Does he have no style consultants at all? They are not even equal brows.

Kyra has gone to Germany! I hope she has a lovely time. I have gotta phone her sometimes, so she does not go insane out of her continent, I am just afraid of phoning lol. I speak not a word of German!

Somebody is stalking my mobile phone and its beginning to scare me! ARGH
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