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Bitch Fights - the movie

There is huge rowing currently in my house, and now no one is talking to each other and everyone is in separate rooms lol!

It amuses me. I started it, I just like suddenly started shouting at my parents, I guess I could not keep it in anymore. It's weird the anger just appeared and I flipped and I was really shaking, maybe its a epilepsy thang.

My family always just ignores anything and just carries on without talking about *things*, it's so terribly English! e.g. "I'm gay", that's nice dear, not talked about for the next 3 years!

I just started yelling that I am sick of having to end up handling EVERYTHING that happens in this house and I get no appreciation for anything I do. I am not a slave!

I wonder if anyone will talk to each other before the end of the evening?

I go though the shouting stage, than the amused by it all stage and then soon it will be the crying stage.

I just want tranquillisers, but they don't prescribe them anymore in the UK, only in very rare cases :(

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