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oooh the second entry!
Well I thought I would sort out my old journal first, but fuck that, gonna start writing!

Tonight I was on yahoo, and I was looking though people's profiles, looking for cute guys /and/or interesting people. I chatted randomly to this sailor guy in the US Navy and asked him some questions how was it and stuff? Although I would never join the armed forces, and against fighting etc etc, it is kindda interesting travelling on boats and submarines and things.

We talked for a while and he said I wish there was more women on the boat for me.
Then at the end he said "I am sorry I DO NOT want to talk to you".

That really upset me and I went to bed really depressed and still am now.

When I first came online and wrote on my first ever homepage, "gay male" it was so hard to say gay. I think that the biggest homophobes are really gay. I am gay, but I hate being gay, I would prefer to be a straight female probably if you could be born however you want.

I hate people online who send a random message like "are you really gay?" "you are sick" etc etc How dare anyone EVER write that to anyone. I abhor racism, bigotry or anything. How could someone write something randomly to that. Just because I write that in my profile/info. My friend told me when talking to the sailor to pretend I was female LOL

I normally attack people who attack me online. eg "why are you gay?" "are you really gay?" no I just pretend to be to take all the abuse and stuff.
It's so sad so many people especially young men kill themselves all the time, because they are gay!

It's crap to be gay, and crap to be told not to talk to someone.
"please do not talk to me"

It's his loss really, but why do I feel so shitty?

Please do not question my gender ?

site of the week: God Hates Straights

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