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*themed parties*

It's always amused me St Patrick's Day is so huge worldwide! I guess cos it has a theme with green, and beer and leprechauns and such! (my neighbours are Irish and have a huge party and the whole street gets drunk etc).

St George's Day which is like April 23rd ish is so like dead really, it is a national day of England but there is no theme or anything! I guess there is a flag and dragon. Wales on St David's Day has people wearing daffodils or leeks.

I guess that both St Patrick's Day and Independence Day both are quite *themed* really and lots of people celebrate them!

I got Grey Matter installed on my server space. I am so proud of myself, it took a while, and it's not working yet publicly as a log on my homepage but I like did "perl"! wow *in awe*
tomorrow I construct a house for homeless poor ladybugs using a empty plastic yogurt carton, scissors and sellotape and some paint!

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