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New poll (good lord a miracle!)

Several of my friends have got camera portals on their websites.

A camera portal is where you have loads of different peoples current webcam images all at once on numerous pages. People join and link back to you on their pages.

I am thinking about making one on my website, but cannot decide!

Advantages of having one:-

o The celebrity status, the parties, the mwah, the free love
o website gets more hits and linked all around other peoples
o make new friends
o make new friends with gorgeous sexy semi-naked hunks on cams
o fun for me to make

Disadvantages of having one:-

o the work of maintaining all the links and stuff / keeping it going
o having to deal with people who like do something to break the rules of the portal (eg not linking back or breaking a rule when joining), having to chuck someone out basically
o everyone else's looking really a lot cooler!
o no-one wanting to join my portal at all :(
o showing more people my face! (lol)
o cannot think of anymore!

What do you think??

Poll #23449 portal

Should I create my own webcam portal?

Hella yeah!
Nada No!

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