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Mother's Day (aka Day of the Triffids)

This is the post I wrote and tried to post last week and lost wargh! re- writing

So last Sunday (10th March) is Mother's Day in the UK. I have never worked out why everywhere else in the world has Mother's Day in May, and we have it in March! It's a worldwide conspiracy or something.

On Saturday before that seeing Catherine (incidentally to various people online, Catherine is my fag hag, that position is taken, I am sorry I cannot accept anymore fag hag applications ;) ) she asked me if I had brought anything for my mum on Mother's day and I said nah, we just buy flowers and cards normally and she said she brought her mum a vase. I felt guilty ;)

Anyway on Mother's Day my father brought a big suprise (to everyone really). He brought a HUGE giant orchid. We have a few of them already and they are so gorgeous.

Pics of the Triffid-like-plant:-

the giant orchid!

the yellow flowers in the middle!

the whole plant!
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