Daniel (shoppingqueen) wrote,

So the Microsoft X-Box was finally released in the UK last night at 12am and people started buying in Oxford Street etc. We are always so far behind America & Japan with consoles. I don't think I will buy it, I have my SNES and I am NEVER selling it. hehe

Anyway I saw that you can get a Xbox logo for your mobile phone and I go to the site here and you can have an Official logo for only £1.90 (US$2.70) paying by credit card or £3.75 (US$5.33) calling a premium rate number! What the fuck? That much money just for a logo for your phone! God logos and ringtones used to be free and now cost basically anything! Totally rip off. There is even a ringtone tv channel on sky! lol

Why would you even want to buy an "official logo", just draw a X on your screen, god I am becoming so senical lol

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