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Watched Björk live tonight on a show, and she was so awesome, but why is she always so patronised by the hosts? She performed "Cocoon" live using just a music box behind her playing the melody and her microphone. Apparently it is her next single in March.

Then watched Alanis Morissette on Letterman performing live. She so reminds me of 1995 and all the singing we used to sing along to her with. I swear 'Jagged Little Pill' is the only album I own still which I know every lyric to off by heart. And the debates I used to have about "she's the only women I fancy in the world", remember Catherine? Being high and in love with her, lol! I will always love her.

Why do I hate manufactured artists again? oh yeah they don't write their own stuff, play instruments or do anything above the blandish possible level.

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