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and honey I don't mean that white rap artist with that "informer" song! What a classic work of genius that was.

I kept trying to post a entry at 10 am today and live journal kept losing my entry and not letting me send argh! I went insane when I came back to the 3rd blank window.

I said....

I was having so many interesting conversations last night, that I finally left the computer to go to bed at 3:20am. But then I was in bed and got addicted to Party Zone on MTV and forgot how cool it is. The remix things where they show loads of videos from a year meshed together are so cool, and last like 15 mins. eg videos from 1998. So I finally got to bed at 4:30am! lol

The UK has had bad weather this weekend and in London it actually snowed for a bit Tristanna! It snowed but did not settle and then stopped, but the winds are so bad, like worst than anything. Loads of the UK is covered in snow!

People leave piles of those annoying free local newspapers outside the peoples houses who are gonna deliver them around, eg there is a huge pile. and one of them was left by a tree on the side of the street and they blew out everywhere yesterday. There is just newspaper everywhere and walking along I saw a newspaper fly past in the air and I thought of like those tumbleweeds flying along in Texas hehe.

I will go to bed earlier tonight, before my body falls apart :)

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