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Selling Your Body

In early December last year Kay Hammond who is 24 years old and owns a internet business, sold herself on the internet for marriage. The man who bid the most for her, got her! The reserve price (minimum) was £250,000 (news story).

Her auction was removed from ebay, after the media picked up on it and she moved it to QXL.

I saw her on a TV show, and she was pretty and seemed normal. She had good reasons for the auction idea, she worked a lot and had no time for dating and meeting new people in social hours. Maybe the whole thing was good advertising for her and her business!

Anyway shockingly that bastian of British IT sarcasm The Register today announced that her closed auction had fallen though! It closed on Christmas Eve and the person who bid for her, for over that reserve price, does not exist! (news story here)

I never ever thought the wedding would go though or last ;)

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