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Watching the Halloween episode last night of Dark Angel, it was so awesome with a headless story! I love that effect of the headless person which is similar to the effect in "Sleepy Hollow" which is on my list of one of my fave films ever.

Last night on Richard & Judy they had a discussion about what would you do if you had Siamese twins? Would you separate them or would you let them both die/or live as long as possible. They had a lady from America (really strange women , she was a big black southern gal, but she really had quite a thick black moustache of hair! It was clearly visible. I kept expecting her to say "I'm really a man!" maybe she has hormone problems. I shouldn't laugh at people I know), and a Dr for letting one twin survive and this Scottish women who was "pro life". I had never ever seen the pro life organisation in the UK. I only learnt about Pro Choice etc online, I never knew what Americans were talking about. (In the UK abortion is not really a discussion, people respect that people have the choice, it is a issue that is debated but not like America where it is HUGE). I disliked this women greatly. She said that twins should be left to live attached even if they live to 6 years old (like the American women) or die then. (god's will blah blah blah).

But the thing that pissed me off and is REALLY true. Everyone in the world has different viewpoints and no one is the same. In my journal, I write my own personal views on things. I am very liberal and that is probably because of my parents are similar, but other are different..She said that killing one twin to save another is wrong. Okay that is her view, but then asked what she would think of a mother was in this situation and did this, she said that she would not respect them at all and hope they felt guilty when they had the single child and had to think about the other one. I found that awful. (the reason this topic was brought up, is cos there is a issue in this happening at the moment in the UK).

She is against anything that is "against life" but everyone should do the
same as her in her view. That is awful and like the Christian advocacy groups in America. No one should have the choice of abortions because it is their beliefs.

People should have their own choice of views and if the women decides
whatever she should not be judged or anything. At the end of the day the family is left with it all.

Last year a family came from a small island, and had twins joined. (News Story)They did not want them separated for religious reasons, but they would both die. A UK court overturned the parents ruling meaning that they were forced to separate them and the girl is doing really well now. Siamese twins is horrid (two babies are joined together and often have joined organs). In this case now (News Story) they share a heart and the parents have agreed that they should be separated for one to live. It's a horrid decision cos both choices are horrid, but I personally would pick the choice that would allow at least one to live. If they could live together than fine and if they could live better and have a stronger chance to live, that I would separate them, even if it means the death of one :(

The lawyer who represented the parents from abroad , said that the case goes to a court if the parents and Drs disagree about what to do. The thing that amazed me is that there is many court cases with Jehovah's Witnesses and such like who won't give their children a organ or blood replacement, because of their beliefs. The court has to make a decision about what to do. It's bizarre that they would rather die. The whole Jehovah's thing is very dodgy, because they claim there is a bit in the bible about not sharing blood or extending lives, but the bible is so open to interpretation!

I guess people have bizarre believes and I should respect them.

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