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Wash Those Men, Right Out Of You're Hair!

I survived, without being murdered!
She asked me "who did your highlights?" and I laughed and said I did it at home and I don't think she thought they were too bad, but gave me a lecture about mixing peroxide in your own home without hairdressers knowledge lol. My hair looks okay really.
Catherine remember, when we were doing it? "the fumes, the fumes, I cannot handle the fumes lol".

My hair is now shorter, and won't go behind my ears and will go over my eyes, but I like it though. will have to take a picture with my digital camera sometime!

I'm in Sarah's cast of characters in her daily life...

DANIEL: 22. lives in England. very gay, lol.

so true! hehe. I wonder if you are really really gay, in the end you become straight! LOL

It's raining raining raining again, and thunderstorming.

I spoke to Kyra on the phone, I have not phoned anyone in America for ages :) She is so fabulous

I did get shouted at my hairdresser in the end lol, but it was cool. She is really amazing. I attract eccentric and amazing people!

The BBC had a respective of Douglas Adams, its so sad, I forgot how good his work is :(
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