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Well today was the anniversary of my 6th year of getting sick. I first got ill on the 24th January 1996, and felt 100% the day before and nothing and just felt unwell then.

That is so freaky, 6 YEARS!!. Most people have an this illness for an average of 4 years (although lots have it for more or for less). God I am gonna be so depressed if I still celebrating the anniversary in the 10th year of having it! argh

I guess that in 2001, I did lots more than I never did in the 5 years before that ;)

I did something crazy today and totally spontaneous. I had been reading thetinman's journal for a few days and he was really cute and funny! He wanted someone to buy him paid membership to live journal again.

So I brought him a year's membership. I feel like such a stalker now lol, but it's cool to buy a gift to someone and wish them that this year things will go well for them. I am warm-hearted and I send people gifts and hearts and letters to cheer them up but I guess that is just who I am. I know I always spend too much money all the time lol, I wish I just could simply go shopping, but I cannot.

he liked it

Now Kyra wants a paid journal! I told her I would buy her one, if she shows me her breasts lol ;)

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