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Ruby Wax Ruby Wax is a comedian who has been around the UK for ages. She's actually American, and born "Ruby Wachs" (American/Jewish) and has red hair and is loud and obnoxious, but hilariously funny! She was the script editor for Absolutely Fabulous and also was in a few shows as various characters, and her husband is the producer of "Red Dwarf"

She has done many jobs, but mostly interviewing stars and exploring American and all kinds of things. (I guess her image is like "loud brash American" ,but she is nice too, and I don't get how she still has a strong accent, even though she has lived her for over 20 years!). I dunno if anyone in America has ever heard of her, that is why I am writing all this (Brit's know her well).

Most of her shows have been late night chat type things, as she is rude and not afraid of it, but recently the BBC have given her lots of prime time vehicles. including a quiz "The Waiting Game" and today started her new daytime show "Ruby".

It was so hilariously funny, I nearly wet myself! It is on at 10am and I cannot laugh that much when I just wake up. It was really so funny, and she had a gay florist on from France, and got in a fight with him and snipped off his flowers lol! She is also finding dates for people and stuff (there is where the goat herder comes in Kyra, they were practicing, on a "fake goat" lol).

The show is on daily on BBC 1 and I am really surprised that she got a daytime show, but I don't think it is live. It is so brilliant compared to the rest of daytime TV!

The show website is here!
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