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I hate January, I apologise in advance if your birthday is during January, but it is such a horrid month of the year! I hate September a lot as well. In September, it's the end of the summer and as soon as August is gone, everything is back to normal argh. In January the decorations come down (on the 6th, if you don't want to get cursed "UK Tradition", get em down by 12th night, it seems to only be in the UK).

Everything is taken down and everything is depressing and cold and dark and bleak. It's horrid!

There is only two good things:-

1/ The Sales - think of the bargains dahhhling!
2/ New U.S TV - January is when the UK starts getting new seasons and new TV programmes from America. They leave a gap, because the US does not show seasons straight, it has gaps, which annoys the schedulers here.

One year a channel tried showing The X-Files, two weeks after America, but the problem was that they had to show a repeat in the 4th episode of every month, in order not to catch up with America, and this proved really unpopular with UK viewers. I guess we like to watch it all , week to week and not with replaced stuff.

I always wonder why the UK "series" are always about 6 weeks long and American "seasons" are 25 weeks long. I mean the UK schedule seasons change about every 6 weeks or so.

So far New Simpson's, New Smallville (Superman is hot playing football!), and Enterprise.
This week is new Sex & The City and ER, and Friends- yeaaaah!

It was announced on Sunday that America has brought the scripts to the cool UK series "As If". Why do they always have to remake everything? It's Queer As Folk all over again. I don't kinda see how As If can be changed ,its a London teen drama, and it's fast paced and funny and serious. (It's really different to Dawsons's Creek).

New US shows I am gonna watch:- Smallville (started watching already), Scrubs, and maybe Enterprise. But I hate star trek! I do love Scott Bakula though heheheh.

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