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New Year's Resolutions

Top 10, in no particular order.....

I am skipping all the usual drink more milk/watch less soaps/watch less tv/ look at less p0rn/ give up men resolutions etc etc.

10. Update my journal EVERY day at least (although I have been posting a lot at the moment and boring everyone to death).
9. Make something out of my domain www.urbandistinction.co.uk I need to do something to it!! (I am still stuck on design).
8. Have my webcam on more (although I look like shit, and hate having it on)
7. Not get offended or bothered when someone ignores me/ is rude to me online. They are just some people with words on a screen, there is so many people I will meet in my life, they are like nothing in my life, move along now, move along
6. Spend less time online, and /or on the phone and go to bed earlier!
5. Be more positive about myself, and stop thinking I am so ugly!
4. New Year, New Hairstyle Baby!
3. Stop spending so much money and SAVE!! I never save.
2. Get better with emails and reply to people within 2 months lol
1. Find the perfect ideal man! lol ;)

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