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Every Day

I have decided to try and update my journal every day, because I keep forgetting and write nothing.

I dunno why, I find my life soooo boring, but I write

It's a miracle, we actually have some christmas stuff up and a tree in from the garden with lights on. Maybe we will have the house done by 2002 lol.

My brother's been in hospital for the past few days for a Hernia operation. He gets out tomorrow. I had 2 when I was much younger, but was surprised that he had to stay in 2 nights. I thought these days you could go home instantly!

My brother wants a Playstation One for Christmas, but the whole UK is sold out, so its on back order. (weird that in Europe, the psone, outsells Playstation2 by 2to1 still!) I want a DVD player for christmas and it has come already, so have to wait grrrr. I have a player on my computer, but want a real one on my tv.

I have totally changed my my opinion of DVD's, I thought they were a total rip off act, but since getting a dvd drive on my new puter (new as in last christmas), they are sooo cool!

The DVD player I brought is here on Amazon It caused so many problems getting it cos it is by a small company called "Yelo", but my parents only trust big brands. But this one is medium prized and plays any region which is so awesome as I can play MUCH cheaper american dvd's.

My Grandmother was so rude to me on the phone again today, oh joy. "why can you not come up with your family, to the family dinner on Sunday? Are you not bothered?" That is so offensive. Like I could really travel 3 hours in a car and back, and handle it.

There is 50% chance of snow this Christmas in London this year! (people bet on the chance, and if a flake hits the weather centre roof in London, then you cash in!). Last year it snowed 4 days after christmas.

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