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Some people must have such a nightmare at Christmas! Loads of family feuds and fights and people getting stressed out. Fortunately my family mostly gets on.

My Grandmother is 88 and was born in 1913 I think. But she really cannot live by herself anymore. She relies on people around her and needs my parents help a lot. They get mad cos it is 3 hours to her house in a car one way. (she lives in Yorkshire). She does need to go into a nursing home, but has refused it so far.

I don't believe that all old people are sweet little old ladies, because they are not! My grandmother is extremely manipulative, and if she doesn't get what she wants she starts saying how bad everything is or moaning.

I love her of course (she is my mother's mother), and my only grandparent left.

Because she is alone and although gets carers and stuff, she doesn't really chat to friends (she would have a community if she was in a home), she gets certain issues into her head and goes on and on about them. Stupid minor things. eg last month she got a cheque from the government for "heating allowance for the elderly" for £500. The cheque had to be paid in or cashed in one month. She was going on about how she will lose it and no one will pay it in for her. (this is with 3 weeks to go).

She phoned me today and was nasty, and I mean nasty. Her current habits are to phone people in the family, and speak to them and slag off others and complain and then not bring up her problems with the person herself. She was complaining about a problem she has currently with something not delivered yet for Christmas (a world tragedy obviously).

She was not a bad person ever in her life and was a nurse, but I think that now that she thinks only for herself and does not think of other peoples opinions. Like she says things to people that could offend. example - a Polish friend in my house. grandma says to me, "does she speak any English at all?" and my friend had been trying to speak to her for the last 30 mins lol. She is deaf.

I don't like this manipulative side, and this whole "no one bothers with me". my parents have to do a 6 hour day trip about once a month to sort out her cheque book! they sort out her crap, and its not a nice visit, its like "and please sort this out".

I tell myself I NEVER want to end up like her when I am older. racist, and hurtful (but I don't think that is deliberate) and also when I am old, I will use the net or whatever. I will not be alone in my house with just a TV.

I used to work in a garden centre and old people steal things, and baskets and try and get as much money off as possible. Okay not all "old people", but you would be surprised the number of cons, people over 70 tried!

I guess my grandmother has taught me that the elderly are not sweet and innocent and frail, they are as bitchy and manipulative as anyone.

I still love her a lot of course.

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