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Scary, yet True fact!

My dad used to teach Zacarias Moussaoui in his university!!

My dad lectures in (zzzz boring -sorry JT lol) International Business Strategy and Economics at South Bank University.

Zacarias did a business course there a few years ago. My dad was not his tutor, but my dad's friend and colleague was, but my dad presented lectures (is that the right "university" words?) with him in the room and taught him!

Isn't that really freakish?

Now he gets worried whenever he (not my father) is on the news, like today because they could mention the University name and give it a bad name. But on the BBC news today they just said he used to live for many years in South London.

In a totally weird coincidence Louise Woodward is doing a law degree (although she can never practice whilst she has a conviction over her head), and the campus of the university my dad works in, is "law and business schools" in one block, and see's her around. The press used to be at the front doors all the time, but I guess she is no news now. I feel sorry for her actually :(

so all criminals possibly go to my dad's university (disclaimer this has not been proven to be true, don't sue me! lol)
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