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I'm Not The Same, I Have No Shame

Did you know that you can add yourself to your Live Journal? It amuses me, also you can see where your posts are with your friends.

You can also add yourself and talk to yourself on AIM, I never realised this stuff before exploring whilst bored lol!

Conversation with Myself:-

DANielJ UK (23:57:57): hello
DANielJ UK (23:57:57): hello
DANielJ UK (23:58:16): you are gorgeous
DANielJ UK (23:58:16): you are gorgeous
DANielJ UK (23:58:24): why thankyou
DANielJ UK (23:58:24): why thankyou
DANielJ UK (23:58:32): my pleasure dear
DANielJ UK (23:58:33): my pleasure dear
DANielJ UK (23:58:48): I'm going now
DANielJ UK (23:58:48): I'm going now
DANielJ UK (23:58:51): okay bye
DANielJ UK (23:58:51): okay bye

me insane? :)

Miss Cleo has been found to be a fraud, I wish we had awesome fake physic's on the tv in the UK, they are really strict on advertising here. They have like horoscope services but not "live". JT relies on her readings ;) SAVE MISS CLEO (lol) he's so damn cute!

I saw this really gorgeous guy 3 days ago. I was walking the dog with my father at about 4pm, and walking around this square field there was a single guy playing football (soccer dears) with himself [why does that sound so perverted? lol]. He had no shirt on and just black football shorts. He was like 18. It was really hot and sunny that day. I swear he was a GOD! I was walking around the field staring at him across the field and he was doing all these tricks. I swear I was talking gibberish to my father and I kept walking not in a straight line. That's not english but was not keeping with my dad and the dog lol It must have been so obvious! He never looked at me once *sigh* god he was a glistening god!!

Pres Bush manages to make more countries hate him with rejecting the Germ Warfare Treaty, he is managing to make the US the most unpopular planet in the world :( As long as everything is in his person interests, destroying environment etc.

I am really stressed about something at the moment, I might write about it in my journal or not. I dunno yet. It's hard for me and personal.

I brought Nelly Furtado's album, it's so cool. I love eccentric yet interesting musicians. I didn't know you could have Portuguese/Canadians ;)
The remix with her and Missy with 'Get UR Freak On' (on the soundtrack of Tomb Raider OST) is brilliant! (I like the original too)

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