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Saturday was so weird!

It was quite a good day, but I did manage to fuck up my foot argh! I was walking downstairs and my mother's coat was on the stairs on the bannister, hanging down with like a little cord bit at the bottom.

It somehow wrapped itself around my leg as I walked past, and I fell heavily on the other foot, missing some steps. It's okay but that foot is still badly bruised, and blue and swollen argh. mostly just toes :(

Also I felt so unwell on Saturday, and it was sooo cold! Like the coldest day of the year so far. I moan so much LOL.

Sunday was pretty cool and watched Toy Story 2 ;)

Now I am in a Christmas panic, there is no time left, I need presents/cards/decorations. I need everything sorted. I am having a Christmas breakdown already, bless lol
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