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Good lord live journal has worked for like 24 hours! It's a miracle!

Loads of old stuff to write, that I was unable to post this week.

But the extreme coolness is, my cable company added E4 today, so I can watch brand new ER and Friends from January, and not have to wait 6 months woooo! (E4 brought the first show rights to all American Warner Bros made TV programmes).

I am never gonna upgrade to digital now LOL I am perfectly happy where I now am ;)
(R.I.P Carlton Food Network)

P.S: If anyone can get on the E4 website here, and actually get it to work, it would be a miracle! I don't know ANYONE who can read their damn site LOL They have loads of shockwave crap and loads of menu's appear, and when you click nothing at all happens! ARGH Rich & I have voted it the lamest channels website in the world! Sites that use a million kb download of shockwave are always evil (although shockwave can look and be cool!) Madonna Music is another example of shockwave overload which is just a dreadful slow-loading site!
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