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If You Can Read This, You're Not The US President!

George W Bush was in London today. He is visiting. How horrific. I have never really been a very political person, I find it very boring. I think I am quite liberal and would never be republican or conservative. But I think that WHOEVER you vote for will not do all the promises that they state and also no democratic election ever in the world is 100% genuine. I am sure lots have had dodgy schemes going on. This has been found in the UK years ago with forged elderly proxy/postal votes.

I cannot believe any country would ever vote George W Bush Jr in. I have a bet with an American friend that in 4 years time, he will leave with the country in dire straits and at war with most countries, eg China, Japan ,Russia etc. My dad says that people voted for Republicans because they did not want any gun control.

Bush really is a dreadful person with extremely dodgy conservative views and lots of stakes in energy and oil companies and family in positions of power. Of course he wants no environmental treaties, although his country pollutes the most in the world.

I think that Bush is one of the most hated leaders in the world, almost like Hitler. Wherever he goes he has huge crowds of people demonstrating against him. In the UK there was nude streakers, and all these people dresses as Texans. Men as cowboys and girls with big blond wigs and stuff.

There is some hilarious websites on the net about Bush. Everyone seems to hate Clinton, but I think he did so much stuff, although the scandal was much more important news. [all celebrities and leaders have had affairs and indiscretions, whats new?]
I feel so dirty, whilst he is in the UK!

George W Bush Jr - Not A Crackhead!
site of the week: toostupdtobeapresident.com

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