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Name 3 people (if you can) on LiveJournal who...

...you've talked to on the phone? kyrik, nasal, alectoerinyes, and snowyb. okay so it's more than 3 lol!

...you've met in person? nobody baby! I don't meet people from the net, except Michelle & Rich hehe

...you've known for more than 3 years? inbetween (but she hates me now and always ignores me *sigh*), and snowyb

...you wish you lived closer to? urrrrm everyone on my list who is interesting and funky, I cannot choose 3!

...you have (or have had) a crush on? Everyone on my list duh!

...you can always go to when you're upset? snowyb, kyrik, other people who I forget at the moment!

...you admire? I admire something in a everyone!

...are a lot like you? mewzik has exactly the same interests and musical taste as me, he's just better looking ;)

...are really creative? kyrik draws goats, inbetween, and usedtoyou create the most gorgeous homepages and brokenvapid makes gorgeous pictures. A lot of people on my list really, I am jealous, I wish I was good with design programmes and not collapse with a nervous breakdown, when resizing a pic even lol!

...are excellent writers? if someone is writing a journal, they must be really good writers ;)

I am really bad at this, because I hate leaving someone's name out, and I always think of a little in everyone! damn my crazy hippie people love lol

= love =
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