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Gun Powder

There was such a smell of gun powder outside the house tonight, there was so many fireworks going off! It's cool to have a skylight window in the loft to look out of, although your animals get scared every November cos of 5th Nov.

It's soooo cold, and it's not just my flu hallucinations.
The uk ecology is really fucked up (apparently) cos there has been some late fairly mild days and some tree's are still really green, and should have lost all their leaves by now.

New England is supposed to have the best Autumn colours or something

There is some really amazing trees near us in the park, that go from green at the bottom to brown at the top. I will have to get picture, its like a rainbow.

I wish you could use a computer in a warm bed without moving. Not a lap-top but something that can descent from out of the ceiling, for typing and chatting LOL.
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