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I saw a really cute guy on yahoo messenger today, I sent him a message. He sent me a really nasty reply! I suppose I deserved it cos I annoyed him, but I get straight women or straight men questioning me all the time and I am never rude to anyone. Maybe its because bigots are threatened.
But don't most people hate gays really?


shoppingqueen98: hey you're a real hunk
*dumbstick: oh really and who are you
*dumbstick: a.s.l
*dumbstick: alright you gay ass bastard you better not ever seen anything else to me or i will hunt you down and kill your ass thank you and goodbye

* name is changed. I don't want wankerboy to get loads of abuse lol although it would amuse me. (notice the spelling mistakes in his msgs)

It is so horrid to feel hated by loads of people throughout the world, but I suppose it is their problem not mine. Although I take everything on and being gay is like a curse.

Clair [love ya] said that on the net text means nothing and that is so true, but how come I am now depressed argh. Anyone could say any old shit but they are not saying anything to my face.

All the guys i want, I never have a chance with argh!
I keep looking back at the archive , I should remove it and get on with my life [I didn't reply to him and deleted him].
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