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I refuse to turn b-b-b-back

Hola mi Amigos,

I have that line from Whitney Houston in my head, although she is a coke-addicted whore, I like it's not right, but it's okay. "I refuse to turn back". "I'm moving on and I refuse to turn back".

I have felt crazy this week, like on the edge of a nervous breakdown. I couldn't cope with anything. I will have to write again later.

I always get random abuse on AIM, it's rather amusing that someone would go though and tell me I'm immoral. This person was called "mother natures earth" or something lame and said some Nazi crap and various offensive crap about how I am evil and I wrote one message back and that "How old are you, 12?" LOL he did not even respond, which did amuse me all this morning.

If you look at profiles on the net, some are really really amusing. Well most are really. I'm not saying most Americans are really stupid.... well I know people who ain't but a lot are sorrta ignorant. It is kindda scary. Profiles are like this...

yo wassup, I am a hot stud 12 year old, shout outs to my girl shelly, bball Jake, etc etc [300 names later]

This of course is a reconstruction, so it will be not be as good as a real one lol!
Something that is really funny is the profiles and info that are like "14 year old major player, I get all the girls, real hot stuff [add loads of homophobic wording]".
hmmm they are like 14!

Teens are funny really. I suppose you always wanna act older than you are.

I got drunk on Thursday on Baileys, it was amusing and I don't even drink. Well I drink water and stuff and loads of coke, but not alcohol ;) Will write about it later

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