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The Old Religious Cult Trick

Earlier in the week, the doorbell rang and there was this big black women, in her 40's with the most gorgeous hair! It was like urmmm I cannot explain it but so gorgeous! She had like a young boy and a child in a push chair waiting in the street behind her (there is a few steps from the street up to my house).

She gave me a magazine and it looked innocent, on the front cover was a story about "there is not enough water in the world for us all". She was really nice, and I took it .

I go inside and open the magazine, and inside it, is another magazine The Watch Tower journal of Jehovah's Witnesses! LOL ARGH

I hate religious people at the door! Once there was some strange Christian sect and I said I was pagan, and they were like "do you believe in a god?" and then started preaching in we believe in the same things really blah.

If I was in church I would NEVER go around people's houses, trying to convert them! God it's like an insane cult.

People complain that Islam forces people into the religion, but Christianity has been doing that for centuries. Worship Jesus, or you get no food. I used to think that Mercenaries were really nice people, helping people in these countries. Well they are really not, if you don't turn to Christianity you get nothing!

Anyway I cannot believe I fell for the old homo hair trick! dammit. LOL
Why do people from religions always knock on your door with like children and such, like to make you feel guilty if you say fuck off? It must be cruel to take your kids everywhere, just to get in the doorways.

So now I can never open the door again, or I have to move away LOL Damn Jehovah's!

disclaimer:- Kyra wishes me to point out that her journal is now back and please don't harasses her. But if she stops posting than everyone can jump on her (the last bit may have not been exactly what she said ;) ).

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