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25 random things about me (turned into 28 things)

Two livejournal updates in one day has hell frozen over I hear you cry?
I posted this to my facebook a few weeks ago but reposting it here for you to see...

so like like a sheep with everyone else doing it, this is my random facts, I couldn't cut it down to just 25, I had to do 28! you are supposted to tag 25 other people and pass it around :)

1. I have not had good health since the 24th January 1996. I have felt better in the last year than I have before and hoping for a normal life with working etc sometime soon. I am not quite there yet. I still suffer from anxiety and tiredness. I do believe my illness is a very important part of my life and made me who I am today.

2. My Fathers side of the family are Welsh and Mothers from Yorkshire. They met at Cardiff University.

3. My Parents had a seriously wild time in the sixties and went to all kinds or parties. They took more cannibis and alcohol than me and my brother probably ever will. I get great stories out of their old friends from then ;)

4. My brother and I were each given Welsh names. His first name is Gareth which he hated as a child because there was no one else called that and my middle name is “Huw” which Is the Welsh version of “Hugh”. I used to really hate it but now am indifferent.

5. My mother hates people who call me “Danny”. But does not mind “Daniel” or “Dan”. A friend once called from America and asked for Danny and my mother said there was no one here by that name! I don’t really care about it!

6. I am happy go lucky nearly all the time and very rarely depressed / frustrated or down. I don’t see the point in living in that state. I am nearly always giggling and laughing!

7. I sucked my thumb until I was 13 years old and no one could get me to stop no matter how hard they tried! In the end I had braces on my top teeth to fix the damage done by it and the first set of braces had a plastic bit which filled the roof of my mouth and physically stopped my thumb touching it. I am scared to suck my thumb again in case I get hooked all over again

8. Unlike several of my friends who have done this I have never slept with any celebrities as yet :P

9. I don’t think I could handle 24 hours without access to facebook and twitter and my mobile! Sad but true

10. I am addicted to hair and beauty products and spend far too much money on it but also become an amateur expert and can fix any problem I believe! I would rather go without food before them :)

11. My bestest friend / fag hag in the entire world was the person I argued the most with in high school :) We fell out for years as best friends but great again!

12. I used to hate children but love them now! I am really good with children and weirdly attract them to me wherever I go! But not in a sick way. I don’t want any of my own though probably

13. I love art and design but am really bad at art (and also sports). For some odd reason I have never worked out I naturally attract art people to me all the time. I think its opposites attract or something

14. I think rugby league players are the sexiest men in sport

15. I don’t think I have ever been in love

16. I often cant decide between two arguments on discussions or someone changes my view on sometime. I am often in the middle or not set in stone in my views

17. I truly believe I have been gay from birth. One of my first gay experiences as a child was the storm troopers in star wars. I was in someway attracted to them aged like 4 or 5

18. Everyone but my parents know I am gay. In discussions with friends they cannot believe they don’t know. Everytime I think there is no way they don’t know they say something like “cant wait for marriage and children” hahaha. I am gonna come out when I bring home a boyfriend and announce it. They are very very liberal but still its something I can never go back on

19. I have a really strange memory. I have a photographic memory when it comes to people. I remember everything they tell me about them or they tell me going back years. Eg all the jobs they had or something. But the memory is no help in learning/ languages or anything else.

20. I have cool black cousins by marriage. My uncle married a lady from Zambia and took on her 3 children. They all live in Botswana.

21. I am pretty good at repairing computers as long as they are not Apple. I have no idea what to do with my personal website anymore, I just cant be arsed with it anymore!

22. I once bumped into Brian May from Queen. As a child I went to a theatre to a pantomime with his wife Anita Dobson in it. During the interval I was going down the aisle which was not flat, it was on a slope and difficult to walk up and I bumped into this tall man with stupid hair! Later on I found out it was Brian May but his hair when I bumped into him was in a ponytail and looked huge. Like sideshow bob from the Simpsons.

23. My best and worst qualities are empathy. I worry about and think of other people too much! I am very empathetic

24. Although I have never found a particular educational field I excel in I am full of general knowledge about everything! I always want to find out about why something works or how something happens etc.

25. For a while in early 2008 I thought I was cursed. Anyone who had helped me in my life who was not a relation had died of cancer! Two so far! I have now decided it was unfortunate coincidence

26. I had my fortune told in May 2008. she said that 2009 would be a big year for me with much better health and work prospects. I would meet my soul mate and move out of my parents house. I am not sure if it will all come true but it might.

27. I suffer slightly from OCD. I am a nightmare hoarder and useless at throwing anything away. I am so sick of my room being full of crap I am thinking about going mad in 2009 and getting it totally redecorated and anew!

28. I am starting to think about future careers for myself. I have thought about computing/ health / beauty / web site design fields. And in the past thought about nursing and horticulture. At the moment my dream job would be a make up artist or special effects make up artist but not sure if I am good enough at art for it. My other job I am thinking about is occupational health but not sure if I want to go to university again!

The End and it only slightly nearly killed me :)
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