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odds and ends (aka happy new year!)

Hi my lovely livejournal friends

how are you? no doubt fabulicious!

I have felt guilty about updating lj less and less but nearly all my lj friends seem to update infrequently these days or never update or have deleted their journal now. some people have even said journalling and blogging are dead! Its not just me.

I find it much easier now to regularaly update my facebook and twitter which I update a lot. If you don't have me already on those services you are welcome to add me, details at the bottom of this post.

I feel sad when people delete me from here,  I will update from time to time and wont be updating this account as much as I have years ago. I just have used it less in the past year. Its easier to twitter your feelings in a little message than writing it out in a huge post! It takes ages!
I wont be deleting my lj and will try to write some things occasionally is what I am saying! x

Don't get me started on my website and webcam out of date! lol

I don't want to lose touch with my lovelist lj friends!

if you wanna add me other places:-

My Facebook
My Twitter

other ones are on my LJ profile like myspace etc

D x

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