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ARGH I was getting email today in the afternoon and Outlook Express fucked up and I lost a entire email folder, it just disappeared and is now blank!

Of course it's Daniel - Inbox and it had some really important stuff I had to reply to argh!

I am trying to work out how it suddenly corrupted that folder, but I am praying if the worst comes to the worse I can use System Restore and back up like to yesterdays email, but I dunno if it backups email ARGH! I am not exactly sure what part of the system is saved.

I maybe insane later with ripped out hair!

Before all this happened, I made a journal picture for the side of mon journal! I used a pen on paper and scanned it in and reversed the colours and stuff! Thats all my art of the day, I am still dreadful at art and creative stuff LOL.
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