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I think I have social networking addiction

as well as being on about a million privacy stealing networking sites I gave into the pressure and signed up to twitter today

I am feeling all alone and lonely! add me if you are also on it here 

I am still refusing to sign up to bebo though ;)
Facebook is still my fave! x
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Im on twitter :) xx
I agree, all this stuff can be addictive. I suppose I use LJ 60% Facebook 40% but I don't think there's anything wrong with it; most of what I do includes learning something along the way.

I know one guy who uses Twitter. I'll take a look. xxx
I dunno if you will like twitter, its a bit weird. just little text messages between people and it seems very slow the site.
I love you!
if you do a @ comment reply on twitter does it like keep a thread on the persons twitter or is it just general

eg if you posted-
scotland is sunny
and I posted reply to it 'it must be lovely' on your page does it go against that original post? or just a general reply. I am confused by that.

hope you are less tired and baby stressed xxx
I just barely joined Facebook. Maybe I'll Twitter next year... ;)
lol! I am suffering facebook addiction at the moment! from all of them, facebook is the best. twitter is just weird!

if you are feeling lonely on facebook, you are welcome to add me! my name on it is "daniel john"