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The journey turns sad for some

On Saturday night a friend found details on Facebook about one of our high school mates, which we wondered how they were doing. sadly and very shockingly he was now dead and brutally killed. We were not the closest friends but there were times when he came into my life and wondered how he was. He died in very strange circumstances in Belgrade in 2004 aged 24. His family were Serbian and he was living there at the time. Its a really sad story and horrid ending but even worse his family are still searching for the truth and some UK newspapers and Amnesty have helped on the case but still it does not add up and there is no justice.

There is a website for the campaign to get justice for his family and the truth and that's here:- The Voice of Petar Sutovic Campaign The website has the whole story and a petition to sign to get the British authorities to take action and force Serbia to investigate fully.

I just feel so sad and sorry for his family and hope they get the justice they deserve.
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