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Horse Blood on my Hands! (not in the literal sense)

I am not really a fan of sports that involve animals like horse racing or dog racing etc and tend to not watch them or bet on them. I am not a really moralistic person but am quite ethical in my beliefs. But BBC's The One Show has been following a horse called 'McKelvey ' in the run up to one of the most important horse races of the year, The Grand National. He ran last year and was the runner up but was injuried in the race and vets wanted to put him down. The trainer refused and got him back to health to run in this years race. If he was not well enough or in bad health he would not have taken part, but the idea was to follow the story of this horse. They followed his story, with video and a live webcam which had 28,000 views (website here) and he was fit enough to run in the race last Saturday. His betting odds were 28-1 and I decided to bet £2 on him, in a kind of supporting way. (I dont really like betting either really, just never really interested me. I sometimes bet on tv shows but not really sports).

So the Grand National goes on which is a tough race and sadly McKelveyinjured throwdon'ts his rider and jumps the next jump riderless and then runs into a barrier. He has to be put down. He was the only horse that died (which is much better than say races a decade ago).

I feel really sick and furious with myself that I went against my own ethics and bet on a horse race there by morally supporting it.

It was sort of the worst and most shocking thing that could happen really to the whole human interest story of the horse. Some media outlets are saying this publicly shows up the whole of horse racing but other sources say that it shows how safe and well looked after the horses are.

I won't be supporting horse racing again

The Times have a story about the whole saga here
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