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Happy New Year! (I remember yesterday...)

I have not updated my livejournal since the 18th July which is bad and also evil, I shall be better in 2008!

My life has been a bit insane because a dear friend of mine fell ill in June and in July was diagnosed with Lung Cancer (ironic since she didnt smoke, but did have breast cancer in the 80's). She had a really bad cancer and was dead on the 7th Dec. It was really sad and she was only 58 years old and was quite an inspiration in my life. Her funeral was on the 21st Dec and it was packed with so many people and she did so many different things in life! She was truly altruistic and in the past had taught and done all kinds of things and travelled everyplace in the world. She got very interested in complementary medicines and practiced in a lot of them and helped me over years. She started treating me in 1997 and mainly did homeopathy and reflexology. At her funeral there was Doctors and all sorts of people who knew her and she must have been so busy doing so much every week! I do feel she was a very important figure in my life and taught me many things about life that I will always keep with me.  She was incredibly open minded and would not judge anything without trying it first and always looked at different views on things and not just take one view. I feel sad she has gone, but life goes on and losing someone becomes less raw. I feel for her family :(

I seem to be losing more and more people I know or my family knows to cancer, its getting quite scary!

2007 was a bad year for me really I think and my health was a bit crappy during the summer.
I am hoping 2008 will be better and great for everyone! :)

Post in memory of Val Southorn RIP

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