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Wow there is so many charity singles out at the moment! I dunno which is for UK charities / AIDS / America and everything! The AIDS single was always planned, but so many!

I really hate P-Diddy these days, mostly for having a crap name, but also a crap single. Most of his music is old songs ripped off, but his new single is so bad, there is like no song talent in it at all. Just cos you have stars in your video, does not make the song good. I think his arrogance mainly annoys me, how did he become famous anyway? His family is Somalian, which Catherine told me and does amuse me. I have liked some of his stuff incidentally, and I do like some rap/hip-hop but it has to be something different and not the same as nearly all artists seem to be.

Music is strange, it goes though so many trends. I think that hip hop and bubble gum pop have had their day for a while. It's alleged (and if you see trends currently) that modern punk is gonna be the next big genre.

I love Green Day again, now they have slagged off Bush!

sleepy time :)
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