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Declare independence - Don't let them do that to you!

  • Hallo! its raining so much here, will it ever end!?

  • Last Thursday the Spice Girls announced their reunion and world tour and they all have aged gracefully and look like they are in their 30's! (I am sorry I don't believe Geri is 34! There is no way she is under 40! See also on this topic BB Ziggy, there is no way he is 26!). They all go together and all look normal, except Victoria who looks like a total freak!

    its like total freak (and not in a good way) and then normal looking women! you can read the full story here

  • The problem with the current trend of reunions is that its great to see them back and then you realise they were so tedious and boring and wish they would go away again! Maybe they should make it international law that all reunions can release one single and/or album and do some concerts but have to disappear after 6 months lol. I love the Spice Girls at the time, but they seem so out of place now!

  • I think I am too cynical for big event style concerts. I just thought the Concert for Diana was just pretty awful and next weekend is Live Earth. Surely more of the earths resources will be used for it, then not having it on, eg all the stars are flying in their private planes for the events around the world. With like 3 people to a private plane! I hope they offset all their carbon with buying forests which may or may not possibly die. The only good thing about Live Earth is Madonna!

  • This is such a musical themed post! weird. Tomorrow the dog is having a specialist behaviourist come and visit. He has a penchant for chasing and barking at runners. The dog not the specialist. It seems to be a good career to be in, she is getting £150 and it 'may take more than one session'. He better be cured! Maybe we need a hypnotist! I must write about the old lady when walking the dog, that she needed an ambulance when she fell, it shall follow!
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