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Sinister Scientology

On tonights Panorama there is a BBC investigation into Scientology which I have been strongly against and critical of for years.

Scientology does not accept any criticism or any negative investigating into the cult - which is wrong, its free speech. I can criticise whatever I want and there is all sorts of allegations about Scientology. Why do they split up families? Why do they get so much money off people? Where is the evidence of their treatment programmes? Other religions allow them to be criticised and have programmes made about them.
Its a very interesting investigation which leads to goading and winding up of the BBC reporter who in the end flips out. Scientology then film him flipping out and post it on Youtube. They are using the whole thing to promote their cult and show the BBC is so evil to criticise them. They also claim broke hundreds of broadcasting rules and guidelines and the media watchdog should step in.

The BBC's sensible response is to watch the programme and make up your own mind, and also they say about breaking broadcasting rules that its up to the watchdogs to say they broke rules, not Scientology. They can only put in a complaint, which they may win or may lose. I have to point out the youtube clips from Scientology is highly edited to just show their points and the BBC clips show more and its not selective.
It is important to point out in the UK the Charity Commission does not class Scientology as a 'religion'.

Full story about the programme here

Scientology and Me
tonight 8:30pm BBC1

- make your own opinions and views from it, at least you are able to (obviously before Scientology brainwashes us all)
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