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What have you learnt in the past week?

I should be sleeping, but what have you learnt in the past week, that you didn't know before?

I would do a poll, but you cant type that many characters in the open text box, so leave it as a comment!

One thing I learnt is that the Former Russian acting Prime Minister Yegor Gaidar got involved in this huge spy tale of poison and secrecy and his surname is totally 'Gaidar' and is not spelt or pronounced gaydar! news story. its the little things in news that amuse me. I find the whole Russian Poison tale so interesting because we all thought that sort of thing was over! I didn't think it was over but perhaps I choose to not think about it! I wonder though if there is American spies currently spying on "friendly" countries such as the UK. omg we are all probably being monitored by every other country in the world as we speak!

I like to think of this post as paranoia before bedtime :)
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