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Happy Independence Day!

to the American folk. On the Wright Stuff today they had some amazing statistics (but didn't list the source of the figures).

In 1776 after Independence there was 2.5 million Americans living in the US and now there is just under 300million! But also in 1776 there was 1.5 million Native Americans and now there is just 43,000!

I did American Independence in history and was always intrigued by the Boston Tea Party! I don't know what age I did it because for my GCSE's I did America in the 20's and racism in the American south as American modules and all the rest was revolutions in Europe.

I always remember the date of Independence Day cos the film of the same name had the tag on the title "id4" lol! I don't know when Thanksgiving is at all!
Have good bbq's and fireworks!
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