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The World Cup is all about looking for the cute players in each country (possibly)

hey divas

  • My father went to the hospital on Saturday as the previous post I wrote right here and its slightly bizarre when you go to your local hospital and find its been totally demolished almost and rebuilt all a new! it has underground parking and is all smart and new! He apparently has Bursitis of the knee! What is it you ask? Apparently we have 'Bursa's' around our joints like knees/hips and elbows which are little pockets/cushions of fluid and are to cushion those places. Unfortunately if you irritate or inflame one of them its really painful! You can do it in a car accident or if you put a lot of stress/weight constantly on them (eg if you rest on your elbows all the time) but my dad was just a one off unfortunate incident! He was kneeling down getting stuff out of a cupboard in my bedroom and did it! He was getting camping stuff for my brother who is currently camping in Newquay! The treatment is ice and loads of ibuprofen type drugs! Its amazing the new things you find out about your body all the time!

  • My father said after going to the hospital that he has Blairitis and I asked if that was a syndrome or feeling sick of Tony Blair in power!

  • After my previous post here about we (The UK) are going to end up being the only country left supporting America in the Iraq war whilst everyone sensibly leaves. Today it was on the news that now Japan is pulling its troops out! story here. Whilst I love Japan for that, I hate their policy on Whaling and trying to persuade countries to allow Whale hunting again ugh! Its not the same as culling Deer. You don't put loads of spears in Deer until they bleed slowly to death. I don't think we kill any animal as badly as that :(

  • Is it wrong to think more football players are sexy on the Swedish side than the English? Will I be clubbed to death by flag waving English gangs? I blame Karin (hej darling!) The Swedish players are so hunky! In the last football world cup I first realised my love of Frank Lampard and there is some other hunky English players but some of those Swedish and I will always have my love of Freddie Ljungberg and Marcus Allback! I think I am turning straight if you ignore the fact I just look at the players and not really the 'playing'. I have actually sent text messages to people debating football issues! Tomorrow the world spins off its access and we crash screaming into the sun.

  • Happy Birthday to the sexy and always fabulous Sarah! One of my oldest net friends and the first person I ever talked to from New Jersey!

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