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What is it good for?

Now Italy is thinking about pulling over of the Iraq war and moving all its troops out (story here) and many other European countries have already done the same thing. In Spain the people were so annoyed about it they voted in a new government on the premise they would leave Iraq after the Madrid bombs. I wonder will there be anyone left with the UK supporting America! Several countries have very low popularity for the war now and support for their own governments. I just think its a shame we kept out current government and not ditched it on this one major issue like other places. But then I think we have no real opposition or alternative choices really. Blair is awful on the Iraq issue and did lie, but the rest of his policies and polities was not so bad (at the time, I think he is really really dated now as a leader).

But I am really undecided on the issue of pulling out (think of hilarious rhythm method jokes here). I am against the whole war and how we went into it. But we have now really messed up and destroyed Afghanistan and Iraq. Leaving is the easy choice, but trying to get the country back and an infrastructure going is far more of a challenge. If we cause all that, should we correct that? But on the other hand I think Iraq is about to collapse into a civil war or maybe it even already has, should we lose more people because of it? I think its best to look at how many troops are dying per day. So I don't know if we should leave or not, but I do applaud Italy and Spain and France and all the other countries who either never wanted to support America on this or are not separating ourselves! I bet you though, that we are the last country still supporting America on this issue when the whole world has decided to remove themselves from the coalition and I don't think that is a heroic thing for us in anyway, I think its a moronic thing!
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