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It's a dogs world


  • Thank you for all the lovely birthday greetings for my birthday, it was fabulous! Lets not go into the strange presents from my family!

  • Last weekend (the weekend before last weekend, is that two weekends ago, or is that last weekend? oh its so confusing), My Mother and I looked after two dogs and a cat for some friends. My father was away with his university in Valencia and we decided we could not handle the two dogs over. They were fine and no one got maimed or injured!

  • here is some piccies...

    Maddie the Dog

    Maddie and Sasha together

    They were so cute! More pics of them right here Its the only time you will see me licking my lips at a pussie!

  • Ever since my birthday I have had the flu really badly. Its better now but I still have it! It seems to be going around everyone and lasts like 3 weeks! Although I was worse for a few days and not as bad now. I caught it off my dear father. I was debating with friends about flu and colds. To me a flu effects everything about you and you don't feel like you could leave the house or do anything, and a cold is uncomfortable and annoying but you can live with it. I never seem to get colds, always flu's! During this flu my nose started running and it never runs or gets blocked! In the worst days my nose was streaming and red! I felt shit but I was celebrating getting a cold in ages! Some alternative therapies believe that if you never ever get ill, its a really bad thing as everything is blocked up and some believe that with my condition my immune system could be too tired to handle flu, so I never seem to get it but my immune system is really fucked up! Having it is clearing, clearing I tell you! and gives you more energy / better health etc. I still feel more tired than usual but my nose is back to normal! At one point I did feel like death with a red nose! I don't know why but that makes me laugh!

  • This weekend was just as crazy! On Sunday our dog Seamus had a dogs birthday party! A friend of his, was having her 3rd birthday party! So it was a dog party! with a dog cake made with dog chocolate and general mayhem! Seamus even got a party bag to go home with! Birthday parties for animals is the future! You can invite all their friends around and get drunk with the owners! Its socialising at its finest. Finally in the evening my parents had some friends around and had a bbq which involved a huge salmon in newspaper and water being frequently poured to keep the newspaper wet and not incinerate!

  • I love how in the UK we have so little Summer days that if the sun is even out at all everyone is suddenly in summer outfits, cars have their roofs down and people run to the beaches! We went to Poole on the last bank holiday and it was freezing by the coast (but there was loads of hot bikers!) and my Mother and I were amazed at all these guys wearing just vests and girls in equal fashion and it was like 10 degrees! If you buy a car with a convertible roof you must only get to use it about 3 days a year! lol I think British people do go insane at the first sight of Summer and then when there is a heatwave no one can handle and the country collapses! or maybe its just me! I want government statistics on how many people got pneumonia the last time the sun came out! Although I am obviously not complaining about the hot guys in their vests/shirtless etc! It may be May, but its not SUMMER!

  • Now I go sleep!

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