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I Am So Famous!

Mel & Sue
Good Lord,

my fave radio show on London Live is hosted by two hilarious comedians. Mel & Sue

Mel, Sue, & Ricki, on their old TV show!
Show Site
Their Personal Website

Anyway they are hilariously brilliant and in a strange have asleep/ tea drinking state I wrote them a email during the show.....

Hey girlfriends,

you're the funniest people ever existed :)

Is it true that Mel is pregnant? My friend told me that she heard she was
pregnant a few months ago! awwwww

Keep up the great and humorous joke!

love Daniel

I realise now I wrote "keep up the hilarious joke" instead of jokes, that is like so offensive lol!

Anyway this is all Deborahahaha's fault!

They read my email on air!

They said something like this, but I was fainted on the floor unconscious at the time...

(thankgod they didn't read my crappy whole name lol).

We just got a email from Daniel, and he said lots of nice compliments so we really love him and he asked, "Is it true that Mel is pregnant? My friend told me that she heard she was pregnant a few months ago!"?

Sue says.... Well from the amount of food she has eaten here, we have lost museli bars and huge blocks of cheese, I can confirm she is pregnant.
Mel says.... The gestation period is 9 months so I am still pregnant :)

Various other stuff etc etc....

It was funny ,and I am gonna kill Deborah later! Okay she is pregnant

I predict going on Jay Leno next

Dan ;)

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