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American Help

hi darlings,

I need help from an American not sexually or for my mental health! just yet

On the BBC News tonight they talked about the prices of Petrol / Gas and everyone in America is going insane over the price! (which looking globally is one of the cheapest prices for fuel in the world and is virtually untaxed! American gas is still half the price of most countries! but anyway that is not the point). They showed an American gas station (?) I don't know what you call them, garage (?) and it had a price sign outside it. But I cant work out what it means. It showed the different fuels and was like 398 9/10 - what the fuck does it mean? My family are all arguing about it? The first number I guess is the price per gallon in cents or dollars? But what is the fraction? On the sign they showed on camera all the different fuels were 9/10!

The sooner more cars move away from oil based fuel the better, its so unstable at the moment! If I had a car I want it to run on some sort of reliable alternative fuels! I would also want flowers to be painted on it! I want a eco green hippie fan! It would be like scooby doo!

Cheers if you can explain the American Gas system to me!
Tags: american culture, environmental, world
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