Daniel (shoppingqueen) wrote,

Hunky Welsh Men Apply Within

allo I am alive in Wales! I am too tired at the end of the day to write anything each day or post a pic! But I have taken pics! My fathers side of the family is from Wales and been visiting there since childhood and used to have my grandfathers cottage as a holiday place after he died. My parents are seriously looking at buying a holiday house here. But you know its so expensive! The prices are almost London rate! Most 2/3 bedroom holiday cottages that are in anyway decent in Wales are £150,000+! We sold my grandfathers 3 bedroom houses years ago for £50.000 and its now probably worth about £200,000! Its a country place, there is nothing compared to our house in London!

I like the countryside, its so different to London. People are so friendly here and not reaching for the pepper spray when you talk to them randomly in the street! People say hello to each other in the street, random people who don't know each other! gasp!

I miss the 24 hour life of London, like shops here are hardly ever open past 5pm! 8pm if you are lucky and 24hours is none existent! Also I miss the mix of people! There is so many white people and I need a mix of culture! I am sure there is quite conservative feel in these country villages. Not in terms of politics but in terms of immigration and race and homosexuality etc. London is such a different place! A country holiday home is a nice thing to have though :)

Also I want a Welsh boyfriend! They are some really cute guys! I want a Welsh rugged rugby playing Welsh hunk! Please apply within! Maybe a nice young farming guy! I do have thrashing around in the hay barn fantasies!

I get home tomorrow yeeeey!
Tags: away on holiday!, wales

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