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I am off holidaying today for a week to Wales! We went end of May last year and I hardly ever wrote about it, but here is one post about it from the archives (here). I am taking my laptop with me and the house has sky tv and wireless net! Its the future of holidays I tell you! I shall write there! I am going to try and post a pic everyday! or just have a breakdown and vanish for a week! either way! argh 4/5 hours in the car coming up! I really must pack! I have one hour left before leaving and I am a nightmare! I should be packing not surfing and reading friends lj and commenting lol :)

oooh if you have the fabulous Google Earth you can see where the house is in Wales by downloading the pin I made for it here. If you download the pin and just open it, it will open automatically in Google Earth or it should! pin sharing is the future I tell you! I would share my house, but London is really high resolution and you could see my exact house and stalk me! maybe I need to make a general area pin! I live in this 500 mile radius area lol!
Tags: away on holiday!, wales

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