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expelled gay student

I was just going to bed and saw this story from Google News - story link

A 20 year old student at a Kentucky small baptist university was expelled this week because he wrote on his myspace profile that his sexuality was 'gay'! (btw I like in the new story they use the term "dismissed" which sounds far lighter than "expelled" or "thrown out of").

The university has a policy in which it claims that it reserves the right to expel a student who "promotes sexual behaviour not consistent with Christian principles."
and that its unapologetic about its Christian beliefs.

So let me get this straight they have thrown out a student who wrote he was gay online. He may never had had gay sex and I am sure other students there do just as un consistent Christian things.

I can't believe they have the right to do that. That would never happen in the UK (I hope!). If you are fired from your job for being gay and lesbian then you sure hear about it with a huge lawsuit. Its unfair dismissal. How is this any different? If I was the family of the boy or is that 'young adult' I would seek legal advice. Then again if I had children there is no way in a million years I would send them to a religious school or university which promotes hatred and un scientific teachings.

Moral of the story is be careful about what you write about yourself online! I am always worried that someone will find out I am gay from the net! lol But these days I just think I will just say oh yeah, did you not realise?
I remember that the fabulous mangojellytoast wrote something criticising her school and a teacher on livejournal and it was seen and she got in major trouble over it. Then again why should someone have to hide who they are online, sometimes its a great place to get support and meet other people who are similar to yourself!
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